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Kashmir in Chicago's Fulton Market neighborhood is a tribute to the golden age of NYC nightlife, featuring a cocktail bar, lounge, live music, art, theatrical performances, and DJs.

Kashmir is the place to meet friends for an aperitif, cavort over cocktails and pursue a little hedonism into the early hours with DJ sets, live music and theatrical performances. Kashmir melds the intimate mood of a sumptuous lounge with the energy of a nightclub to dance the night away.

From the creators of Bordel and Disco, Kashmir weaves cocktails, music and entertainment with stylish and sexy interiors. On any given night you’ll discover DJs, up-and-coming rockers, jazz bands and theatrical performances. Influenced by the subversive late night party culture of decades past, Kashmir is an homage to the over-the-top parties of New York and London clubs in the 80's, set in an intimate room filled with Italian panache and Parisian chic. 

cozy seating options at Kashmir

For lounge seating with bottles, reach out to